10% Happier with Dan Harris Podcast

This is a show about how to do life better. It’s hosted by Dan Harris, a former ABC News anchor turned bestselling author. Drawing on a mix of ancient Buddhism and modern science, this podcast covers such topics as: meditation, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep, self-compassion, fitness, relationships (personal and professional), productivity, focus, decision-making, and time management. Interviewees include meditation teachers, psychologists, researchers, and occasional celebrities—from RuPaul to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The animating insight is that happiness is not an unalterable factory setting; it’s a skill. The mind is trainable, and this show will teach you how to do it

Dan Harris and Joseph Goldstein sitting on a stage with microphones during a live podcast recording


Field Notes on the Path: Year One

Matt C. Harris

For the last year, I’ve been learning about Buddhism and the contemplative life, from books, meditation, good friends and various teachers.At this point, somehow, I feel that it’s been entirely transformative and also that I’m just getting started.I decided it would be useful to write down my impressions and learnings so far, as well as the key questions I’m focused on now.